Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Aging anger brings me my knees.
My heart still hurts and I need forgiveness.
And is this all Your plan? Answer me.
My heart still hurts.

And I give you control.
This sleeper, has lost his way.
And I know that I'm wrong.
Like the rain, I'll fall.
And I give You control.

As I look to the horizon, with open arms.
I can hear Your words.
I'll stay by your side.

Answer me.
Break me down, bring me to my knees.
I wanna be nothing.
I'll sing if You want me to sing.
Sing praises before You my King.


And sing you a song.
And we'll walk together, hand in hand.

"Returning - Hands"

Pretty accurate portrayal of my walk with The Lord in the past month or two, and where He's brought me now - returning, to Him.