Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Here are my struggles right now:

-Having faith I made the right decision - that I responded to God's call and acted accordingly, within His Will.
-Honestly, just discerning how I feel - and knowing whether to or not to act on said feelings.
-Finding Joy in everything - being able to worship freely, and completely surrender to God.
-Be a man of my word - doing what I say I will do.
-Becoming more responsible - financially, with my body, with my diet.
-Not being insensitive
-Not being prideful
-Being vulnerable and open
-being bitter
-Wanting a girlfriend
-Having a better attitude at work
-Simply spending time with God.

Here's where I am.
Here's what I've overcome:

-Inability to abide under Spiritual authority
-Recognizing pride, and responding accordingly

Okay, 3 things doesn't look like much on paper - but they're huge to me.

Matthew 6:33