Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Total Depravity?

I've been really, really toying with the idea of total depravity lately, and sin affects us, how sinful we really are, and how much it affects. I say toying because honestly, I just....don't know. I know what total depravity is, and all other kinds of doctrine up and down. but I've never seeked God's face on it, or looked in His Word about it.

Well, tonight at Chapel. God gave me an....intense revelation. I asked God just how much sin has affected me, and how I respond to it as a result. He gave me an image very similar to this one. I immediately grabbed some paper and wrote down what He was telling me about sin, and its effect on me - and this is what I came up with.

-That's our body after sin, charred literally beyond belief by sin - beyond recognition by worldly standards. I wrote down and circled "grotesquely burnt"
-God revealed that this was sin's affect on ME. He created me to look....nothing like this. but as soon as sin hit - I was beyond recognition. I was literally covered from birth. This image was a physical manifestation of the sin that was my flesh.
-God told me this is NOT AT ALL how He created His children to look, not in the least. To look as we will in Heaven is....not even close to what this image resembles.
-I realized that...the Blood of Christ, is literally the only thing that would make me recognizable again.

We are...covered in sin from birth. and once saved, covered in blood from Christ.

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