Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In the previous post, I quoted a Misty Edwards song that, after multiple listenings, seems to have some oddly sexual wordplay and imagery going on. There is one line in particular that any other time would have made me uncomfortable, but in light of the recent attacks I've been withstanding, it....resonated with me. In the best way possible.

"Lord, I will seek You
On my bed, think upon You
In the day, I'll dream of You
You're always on my mind"

As of late, I've been under some incredibly heavy spiritual attack with lust. I've defeated the physical aspect of it, by the Grace of God, however the enemy has continually been attacking my mind - in time spent on the computer, in everyday life, and especially in my dreams.
As I was driving home from Burlington tonight, this song came on my iPod - and it just...hit me so hard. I've felt somewhat defeated in being attacked in my dreams, as I've had dreams about...really, really sexual stuff. and I hate it. so much.

and that line just...makes so much sense. I had honestly felt an attack on the drive home when I got outside of Greensboro, so I put my iPod on my Misty Edwards playlist - and this song came on. And I'm convinced it was no accident.

"Though I'm weak and lowly
The Lord thinks about me
Though He's high and lofty
I'm always on His mind"

It's really, really easy to defeat temptation when you believe that. I promise.

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