Monday, March 15, 2010

I haven't written on here in quite a while, most of my bloggings have been short, to-the-point scribblings of God, what He's doing, and where I'm at in my walk with Him.

Worship is breaking out everywhere. Every day. Every car ride. Every night we have chapel. Every night in my room. At work. Everywhere. I can't escape it, not that I'd want to.

I'm really truly learning to deal with my problems, and the not-so-easy things that I have to endure to help me bring more Glory to God. I've always run away before, and this is incredibly new to me. I'm trying, and failing, and trying, and failing, but I'm trying a little bit harder every time, and success is slowly creeping up on all the let-downs, and Praise God for that.

I've had a few things on my heart a lot lately, most notably speaking things into existence, and just the phrase "God does good things." That's all He does. Everything He does is good. That's the only thing He's ever done, that's the only thing He's doing, and the only thing He'll ever do.

I've also learned that when people are struggling, I can't just take control or do things myself and fix things for them. I want to. so bad. But I can't. It's God. God has to do these things, because maybe I might do a mediocre job, but He'll do such a good freakin' job, it would make me wonder why I would ever try things my way. I will say this, God is so much better at everything good than I am.
There's a line in a David Crowder*Band song that says "Letting go gives a better grip."

God's doing so much. so much. good things, good things!

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