Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Fault lines should be worn with pride."

As I get in from an awesome Wednesday night service at Trinity Baptist, and some even more awesome post-Church hang outs with new and old friends at Sheetz, I'm browsing all my social networking sites before settling down to finish my reading for Biology class tomorrow. If I'm in my room, I've always got my iTunes going, and an Incubus song just popped up, Talk Shows On Mute I believe.
As it's fading out, the second to last line says "Fault lines should be worn with pride." And forgive me for my being over-zealous, but I can see so many reasons why we, as Christians, should do just this!

We should be proud, because we serve a Loving, Caring, Forgiving God who fills in the fault lines (our imperfections) if we just ask Him. We should take pride in the fact that we are imperfect, because in those imperfections, the Glory and Strength of God is most obviously shown. It's not big secret, although some Christians would try to convince you otherwise, that even as Christians, we are any more perfect or better than non-believers. We're all dirty, we're all bad, we're all just lousy bags of bones. As Christians, we should be boasting in our imperfections! I fear I'm starting to repeat myself, but I can't stress enough how important this is - God is not glorified by us doing things ourselves. God is glorified when we realized how lousy we are, and give it up to Him to fix, and let His Perfection shine through in our inabilities and imperfections.

This especially speaks to me, because as much as I used to despise it, I have become the closed-off, guarded-heart Christian who only admits his imperfections when its convenient or unavoidable. While I admit and say I'm a lousy bag of bones, I still find myself consciously trying to...shy away from things I could say or do that would emphasize my imperfections.

Funny, as I type this, "The Message Is You," by Amen The Animal comes up on my iTunes, which only aids the point I made in the previous paragraphs - WE are the message of God's Love and Forgiveness to the world, and that makes it even more important to allow God's Perfection to show through our imperfections - because we are THE BEST WAY for others to see God, and find out His characteristics.

God is good. I am loved, and for no other reason that because of who God is, and what I owe Him, I am going to improve my fear of showing my fault lines.

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