Monday, January 25, 2010

Qualities of God

I've helped to revive the long-since defunct youth group at my Father's Church, basically taking the position of acting Youth Pastor, with the help of the Spillman family, as satisfying the Safe Sanctuaries requirements adopted by the UMC.

Anyways, for our activity to involve the youth, I wrote "GOD IS:" on a large whiteboard, and asked the kids to name qualities of God. They started out with the usual, "Good," "Awesome," "Perfect," and the like. After going around the table of 15 kids twice, the answers started to dwindle - so I advised them to look in the book of Psalms for more words, as the entire book is essentially songs being sung to God in praise. To tie in the activity to the lesson, I had two main points. I pointed out that even with the 250-odd words we had written on the board, we still were not even beginning to scratch the surface of what God really is. I also brought up the fact that as Christians, our one and only job on this planet is to exemplify Characteristics of God. I asked them, "How many people who saw you this week would say you were forgiving? Loving? Understanding? Compassionate?" I find it funny, that in reflection, that was a very humbling experience for me; since I am considered a "teacher" in this context, I am held to a higher standard. However, that does not mean I meet said higher standards. As hard as I try to maintain a positive, Godly attitude in every situation, I'd be a liar to say I do.

What characteristics of God are you exemplifying?

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