Thursday, January 28, 2010

As I sit hear listening to Sabian and Zeppelin, the two most recent and youngest additions to the Auman ark, I can't help but think about God, and just how Good He is. Not only that, but also how much of what an understatement what I just said is.

So many times satan tries (and many times, he succeeds) in convincing me that I'm the only person struggling with whatever temptations and sins I am trying to overcome. Lust, hard-heartedness, and an inability to be friends with a girl for nothing more than the sake of friendship are some of the biggest struggles I've been dealing with lately. And just when satan has finally convinced me I'm the only person on the planet, Christian or not, that is struggling with my many struggles, God sends along someone to remind me I'm not alone, and assuming so is not glorifying to Him in the least.

Today was really humbling for me. Realizing that I'm NOT alone, like I was so willing to believe; as well as God reminding me that I DON'T have things all figured out, like I think I do, and my Walk with Him is not something I can plan or do the same way every time. I fear that I've become somewhat systematic in my walk, which disgusts me to no end.

While I do not have much of anything truly figured out, I know that as a Christian the very least I can do is act in a kind, loving way that shows others they ARE important, and they ARE loved, and they ARE worth so much more than they'll ever understand.

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