Friday, December 11, 2009

Lately, I've really been noticing the presence of God in so many ways I never had before.
I was pumping gas a few weeks ago before going to see a friend at the diner, I stopped at the BP on the corner of Baker and Main Street to grab a tank of gas. While it was pumping, I walked out to the side of the gas station facing main street, and looking down the street I saw all the street lights, staggered one after the other. I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of that, I got chills.

Tuesday night, after dropping a friend off from visiting Kevan, I was driving down Main Street in High Point in the rain. I remember sitting at a stoplight, and looking up at the sky, so I could literally see the rain come right down at me; and in that moment, I was just overcome with a sense of God's presence. I got chills that I've beginning to get all-too accustomed to now-a-days.

As this begins appearing more and more often, I can't help but wonder where God's been all this time. And then it hits me - He's always been there. I just wasn't looking. Two songs come to mind as I continue to dwell on this thought - Open The Eyes of My Heart, a popular Contemporary Christian Song, and Allah Allah Allah by mewithoutYou.
The first song deals with begging God to open the eyes of our heart, so we can see Him more clearly. I cannot imagine any other part of my body that would be more appropriate to seeing God. The second song by mewithoutYou struck me, as it was inspired by a poem by Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, about being able to see God in every blade of grass. Muhaiyaddeen, being a Sufi Mystic, may not be many Christians' first choice for someone to provide a commentary on God, however I think he was onto something I'm coming to terms with myself.

God is everywhere.

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