Monday, December 28, 2009

How He Loves Us

John Mark McMillan said that when he wrote How He Loves, he believed that it would shake the youth of the nation.

Well, he was right. But there has an also been an unintended side-effect that has come about as his song has gained popularity.
It's not just young people that are affected by this masterpiece. John Mark said he had heard of kids getting saved, of kids being delivered, all simply from hearing this song - be it on the radio, performed by John Mark himself, or any of the thousands upon millions that play How He Loves.
And it's beautiful, it's so beautiful, that this song was not written as a worship song - but God has used it to become just that, and to truly shake the youth of the nation.
But I digress.

What has floored me more than anything else, is the response that has been received from the older crowd. I've seen people as young as 12, to as old as 70 and older moved to tears by this song. I've seen people fall flat on their face before God, just from hearing this song. I've heard of people who after hearing this song, want to know more about God for the first time in their life. I've heard of people WANTING, HUNGERING, THIRSTING for more God in their life. I've seen some of the most conservative of worshipers beside themselves with joy, unable to stand still. I've seen my prideful, disgusting self humbled past the point of tears.

Every time I play this song with the praise band, it's just like the first time I've heard it. I cannot ever imagine a time when this song will get old. Just listening to the words, and what they're saying...just puts me beside myself. Instant conviction, deliverance, and realization of how much God Almighty cares for a lousy person like myself. He knows my heart better than I, and even with what little knowledge I have, I know I deserve nothing more than the pits of hell.

This song is shaking not only the youth of the nation, but the entire faith community.

Stephen, your prayer was answered brother.

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