Monday, June 1, 2009


There is much to be said about relationships, love, and their effect on people who involve themselves in them. They can attribute to happiness beyond comparison, as well as sadness beyond comprehension. I can honestly say I have experienced both, and they have affected every aspect of the person I am, the person I was, and the person I will be. To be honest, to this day they are still affecting me, whether I realize it or not.

Break-ups can be very humbling. It is very difficult to maintain a solid self-confidence when you go from being the center of someone's universe, to just another ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Not only that, it is nigh-impossible to have a consistent self-confidence level after experiencing an end to a serious relationship. In times like these, we truly re-evaluate what we base our self-image off of, and what persons' opinions to take into account during a time of such emotional fluctuation.

Break-ups can also lead to disastrous results, the most disastrous in my opinion being rebounds. Rebounding does nothing but spread the hurt around to an unsuspecting bystander, who in most cases played no role in the original break-up. If there's one thing I emphasize more than anything else, it would be not to date after a break-up until you are absolutely certain that you have moved on and are prepared to date again. I cannot comprehend how it is possible to give your heart to someone new, when it is so obviously still attached to an ex for whom you still have feelings.

These are just a few things I have learned since Sara and I's break-up in early March. It has been a very educational and informing experience for me, and I honestly do not harbor any ill will towards her for any reason.

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  1. being someone's rebound is not fun at all!