Saturday, April 11, 2009


Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the day Jesus Christ conquered death, hell and Satan, took back the keys to Hell and gave a lousy dude like myself hope.

Jesus Christ is freakin' ALIVE!
and I do such a horrible job of telling the world 100% of the time.

Grace. There is so much of it on this freakin' planet, being absolutely poured out upon us.

I cannot put into words, emotions, feelings or action the joy that I am feeling right now!

I hope every single one of you celebrate the crap out of tomorrow, because that is all we can do on such a joyous day! It's another example of how God can take something so heart-breaking and horrible, and make something so incredibly beautiful out of it.

Seriously though. Religious or not, enjoy tomorrow. Tell your family you love them, your friends, people you don't even like. Spend time with the ones you love the most. Make them feel important.

I love you.

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